The Inle BrainFit Institute is a private practice Neurology Group dedicated to providing optimal, comprehensive care to patients with Neurological Disorders. Our goal is to create a space and community in which people can come to receive traditional standard of care treatments as well as alternative therapies. It is a place where people can come together, learn about the diseases affecting their lives, the environmental triggers that provoke their symptoms, and how to modify those precipitants. It is a place where we support the inherent healing powers within ourselves through diet and exercise.

The Inle BrainFit Institute™ is a place where individualized exercise programs and dietary regimens are formulated to help with the healing process. It is a place where people with neurological diseases come for optimal care. With the guidance of several dedicated experts, patients can exercise together, eat together, and heal together in a supportive environment that utilizes every tool in the battle against neurological disorders.


Philippe Douyon, MD is a Board Certified Neurologist who completed his residency in Neurology at New York University and fellowship at New York Presbyterian-Cornell in Clinical Neurophysiology. He has spent the last several years caring for people with neurological disorders with a special emphasis on those with a history of epilepsy, seizures, and non epileptic events.

After spending years witnessing the deleterious affects of neurological disorders, watching people take medications that at best ameliorate symptoms, but do little to modify the underlying disease process, and observing the delicate balancing act between side effects and symptom relief, he began to realize that we could do better for the people we serve.

Therefore, he decided to create a therapeutic, supportive environment, aimed at using a multimodal approach to improve the lives of people with neurological disorders and promote brain health. 

Dr. Philippe Douyon, Founder







You’ll find us at 400 Frank W. Burr Boulevard in the same location as our Collaborator, Glenpointe Spa & Fitness. 
Ample Parking is available.

Address: 400 Frank W. Burr Blvd
Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
United States