Jog Your Memory Program

Patient will jog/run for a period of time/certain distance, followed by a learning objective (i.e., learning a language, learning a new game, reading, etc). Afterwards, memory testing of that objective will be obtained. The patient will be given strategies to reinforce what they learned. At the next visit, memory testing of the previously learned objective, followed by jogging/running for a period of time/certain distance. Than a new learning objective will be implemented, and memory testing of the new learning objective performed.

Virtual Reality Therapy:

Entails virtual reality as a powerful tool in the treatment of anxiety disorder, chronic pain, hemiparesis, and optimizing cognitive and athletic performance. Will be tailored towards the patient’s specific need.


Stroke Risk Reduction Program:

Exercise regimen and nutritional strategies aimed at reducing stroke risk factors including hypertension, diabetes mellitus type 2, and high cholesterol. Program will be designed to work in conjunction with patient’s Primary Care Physician.


Botox for Chronic Migraines

Using the proven botox injection paradigm to help adults who suffer from chronic Migraines. Chronic migraines are those defined as headaches occurring >15 days per month lasting 4 hours per day or longer. Treatment requires at least 2 sessions 3 months apart before results are seen.


Botox for Spasticity

Spasticity is defined as a skeletal muscle disorder in which the muscles are contracted, tight, stiff, paralyzed, painful, difficult to control, and can be associated with involuntary muscle movements or spasms. Management included establishing individualized, specific, realistic goals to guide the course of care; followed by developing a plan to optimize muscle relaxation and function.


Nutrition Program

Individualized nutritional strategies aimed at reducing foods which cause inflammation and trigger neurological disease. Foods that help remove toxins, work as anti-oxidants, promote neurogenesis, and help to achieve optimum brain health will be implemented.


Sports Neurology Program

Diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurologic disorders caused by sport related injuries as well as managing symptoms that impair a patient’s participation in sports. This program will include the management of patients with neurological symptoms related to acute or chronic sports related injuries including, but not limited to concussion and peripheral nerve injuries.


Sports Training Program

Work with athletes to improve/maximize their overall brain function in order to fulfill their athletic potential. Individualized exercise regimens and cognitive training based on the athlete’s preferred sport in order to give them a performance advantage.