• Traditional therapeutic model
  • Individualized programmed exercise regimen based on neurological and medical needs in order maximize brain health
  • Access to onsite fitness facility for indirect supervision and guidance of exercise program
  • Personal training sessions for direct supervision, instruction, and assistance with exercise regimen
  • Nutrition counseling and dietary implementation to maximize brain health
  • Botox Therapy for chronic migraines and spasticity
  • Virtual Reality Therapy (Coming Soon)


  • Visits will include a neurological evaluation and plan to determine a diagnosis as well as to tract progress. During the visits you will discuss the medical/neurological issues at hand including pathogenesis, triggers, and treatments. Visits will involve discussing and reviewing the benefits of all medical, exercise, and nutritional regimens as well as assessing progress. All questions and concerns will be answered and discuss.



  • Inactivity has a detrimental impact on our brains, killing our neurons, and physically shrinks our brains. Aerobic exercise, especially those including complex motor movements unleashes a cascade of neurochemicals and growth factors that changes the structure of our brains, creating new neurons and connections, and strengthening old networks. As a result, neuroplasticity is stimulated, our brains perform at peak
  • performance, decreased risk of neurodegenerative diseases, improved mood disorders, better attention and concentration, the reduction of toxic levels of chemicals that impact our brains, and the potential to aide the healing process in brains that have been injured.
  • During the first visit, the discussion will focus around the goal of the exercise regimen and creating an individualized exercise regimen based on neurological neurological symptoms and neurological/medical disorders. Subsequent visits will include reviewing the exercise regimen,making sure patients are performing the movements correctly, and potentially guiding patients through a workout.
  • Exercise Tips: Exercise is the best anti-depressant there is. You feel the beneficial effects quicker without the risks of medication side effects. Our brains are designed for us to move.